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3 Generation Aromatherapy Family at the 2014 NAHA Conference

  Right to left: Peter Buhler, Annemarie Buhler, Eric Davis, Annette Davis, Nica George

Deep Roots

Annemarie Buhler, My Grandmother and the founder of Time Labs, grew up in Zurich, Switzerland surrounded by herbs and aromatic plants which her mother grew and used to help soothe the ailments of family and friends. Annemarie immigrated to the United States as a young woman, settled in South Pasadena, California and was employed by a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. She always longed to return to her roots and create plant-based products rather than manufacturing pharmaceuticals. Her knack for formulating eventually led to her being offered a partnership in a dietary supplement manufacturing company. She bought out her partners in 1973 and founded Time Laboratories which became one of the few woman-owned businesses of the day.

In addition to manufacturing dietary supplements, Annemarie began creating aromatherapy products. She was one of the first to bring essential oils from Europe to the United States. She would purchase essential oils from various distillers and then sneak them home hidden in wine bottles in her suitcase. I remember from a young age being fascinated by the many bottles of aromatherapy oils surrounding Grandma. If anyone suffered a malady, she always came to the rescue with a fragrant remedy! 

I joined the Time Labs team in 1989. My plan was to help Grandma for the summer before starting college. Grandma’s convincing combined with my love of holistic products led to me transfer to Cal State to earn my nutrition degree and become a permanent part of Time Labs. My husband, Eric, joined the Time Labs team in 1990 while earning a business degree. My mother, Nica George, and my uncle, Peter Buhler, returned to the Time Labs team after taking time out for their teaching careers. My sister, Amina “Jesse”, studied massage therapy and became our massage therapist. My children have also worked for Time Labs becoming the fourth generation to share a love of plant-based remedies. 

I am proud to continue my grandmother’s legacy as formulator of the highest quality research-based holistic products available. I am grateful to be able to do what I love supported by family and amazing, loyal employees. 

Annette Davis

President & Formulator

Time Laboratories 

                                                                                   Eric & Annette's grandson - 5th generation aromatherapy baby!